Kelowna restaurant steps into the national spotlight

Kelowna restaurant steps into the national spotlight

from KelownaNow, February 18, 2021
by Kent Molgat

Peanut butter and scrambled eggs. It may sound crazy, but the combination anchors one of two of Sunny’s menu items to be featured this Saturday as Sunny’s – A Modern Diner gets some national attention.

Earlier this month it was Salt & Brick that found a place on the Food Network’s ‘Big Food Bucket List’ with John Catucci, and now Sunny’s which is just a few steps away on Bernard Ave.

“It’s not just great for us,” said Sunny’s Chef Rod Butters. “I’m more excited for what it does for the Okanagan because I’ve always considered the Okanagan to be the chef’s ultimate playground.”

Butters restaurant company operates for eateries including Raudz Regional Table just around the block from Sunny’s. “To be on the national spotlight is amazing.”

The attention comes after 20 years in the local restaurant business for Butters.

“We’ve been trying to wave that Okanagan flag for quite a long time now.”

For Salt & Brick, the dish that caught the attention of John Catucci at the ‘Big Food Bucket List’ was a roasted brussels sprouts dish with maple syrup. For Sunny’s, there are a few menu items.

One is called Chicken Meets Waffle, and the other is Chicks on a Raft which involves the seemingly strange combination of peanut butter and scrambled eggs.

“It’s sauteed, double-smoked bacon, some green onions, some really sharp cheddar cheeses, scrambled eggs and it’s all sitting on this absolutely slathered french toast with peanut butter,” explained Butters.

“Trust me, it works.”

The show airs Saturday at 5 and 8 pm. To mark the occasion, Sunny’s is donating 50% of all sales of Chicks on a Raft and Chicken Meets Waffle this weekend to the Kelowna SPCA.


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