The Whole Truth by RauDZ

The Whole Truth by RauDZ

The following article was written by Roslyne Buchanan and published in Food & Wine Trails, May 1, 2019

As the line creeps higher on thermometers and spring unfolds her joyous features, who doesn’t want to head to a wonderful patio for a front-row seat?

The restaurants of RauDZ Creative Concepts have always had a focus on fresh, local and comfortable, and that approach is extended to patios apropos to each location. Fresh air is a natural mood lifter and multiple studies indicate time outside reduces stress, eases muscle tension and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Dining outdoors helps us relax and our spirits are boosted by sounds, scents and soft breezes.

Drink Local

Speaking of spirits, and timely for patio fever, RauDZ Creative Concepts has launched its own craft gin, The Whole Truth, in collaboration with award-winning distillery Okanagan Spirits. Like RauDZ eat local philosophy, here you drink local with the botanicals found in this custom gin. At each RauDZ property, a special cocktail features The Whole Truth gin.

At RauDZ Regional Table, it’s a revamp of  The Truth, a classic gin and tonic cocktail popular since the opening in Spring 2009. The Whole Truth cocktail highlights the namesake craft gin with cucumber carpaccio, lime, mint and Fentimans Tonic. While there’s no patio included, you’ll find spring freshness in your glass.

micro bar • bites and Sunny’s Modern Diner

The patios at micro bar • bites and Sunny’s Modern Diner sport a decidedly urban flair and are optimum for people watching. Can you Handle the Truth, at micro, stars the craft gin with a twist on the Mint Julep served in a copper mug with fresh mint.

It’s a worthy addition to the new cocktail list recently launched at micro, where the cocktail menu is always creatively simple. Although most famous for Eggs Benny and incredible breakfasts, Sunny’s has a few cocktails up the sleeve such as the Big Dog Caesar, the Peach Melba Mimosa and Bloody Dill Mary. Sunny’s new gin cocktail is a spin on the Bellini — a nice breakfast bubbly. It pairs well with the sparkle of Okanagan Lake that you can peek at from the patio.

Terrafina at Hester Creek by RauDZ

This Tuscan-style restaurant in Oliver offers a stunning setting for its patio on the Golden Mile Bench, overlooking vineyards, fruit trees and the mountains beyond. You’d be hard pressed to find a prettier patio even in Italy. Better known for its wine list, including the Italian selection, there’s also a cocktail list.

Sometimes our palates need a break from all that wine tasting and a cocktail is what we’re craving. A white Negroni called A Convenient Truth made with The Whole Truth gin and an ice cube of cucumber juice infused with mint and lime zest is the perfect crave satisfying patio sipper.

It’s been said there are two seasons, winter and patio. Outdoor dining and sipping does the body good and that’s The Whole Truth.
See you soon.

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